Why Fire Dancer?

You deserve to be a fire dancer – focus on your craftsmanship, let your flow go, and not have to worry about the digital management side of things. You have a business to run! That’s where we come in.

As Dave Matthews Band fans, we exude that contagious jam band energy throughout our work and client relationships. We make your business visible and desirable through full-spectrum marketing services – so that you can go about your flow.

We listen. We’re storytellers. We provide everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’re not in the business of creating for the sake of creativity or asking to spend extra money on unnecessary tactics. We help each client achieve specific goals and make compelling connections with the right people at the right time. With the heart of a creative and the head of an operator, we synchronize the unconventional, without the bullshit pretense. We help our clients find their truth and show it.

Meet our team!